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you just have to wonder sometimes.....

Ben's class is learning about safety. One of his teachers is reading "Let's Stay Safe," which s an excellent book to help parents initiate the conversation about safety, touching, etc. We have a copy at home.
Each kid had to act out a scenario that may be unsafe, and say what they would do if they saw it happen, or if it was happening t them. So, on kid pretended that his baby sister was going to the medicine cabinet, and he put the pill bottle on a higher shelf. Another kid acted out what he would do if he got lost in a store. Another said what he'd do if an adult "wanted me to keep a secret from my Mommy and Daddy." One modeled what she would do if her ball went into the street. What scenario does Ben do? What to do if I get my head stuck in a box.

that's MY child.
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