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anniversary weekend

we celebrated our 10th anniversary this weekend. Ben went to the lake house with his grandparents, so we could go away by ourselves. A lot of fun and wacky things happened over the 3 day weekend. Here are some highlights:

-Shabbat dinner at friend's home. We haven't gone out for spring Shabbat dinner in a long time. Got back at 1am. I slept the entire next morning, got up at 10:30! Sweet! Followed by lunch, a long nap for both of us, and a lovely mincha/maariv/Havdala.

- went out to hear jazz music motzei Shabbat. Went to Wally's in the South End. Totally crowded and noisy, and worth every second! Got in entirely too late :)

- road trip to Mystic and Mohegan Sun on Sunday morning. Mystic is ah-mazing!! We saw so many cool things, and saw a billion Jewish families, too :)
- Sunday night we hot Mohegan Sun for a concert. Classic Albums Live had a Queen show. Holy crap, it was so freaking incredible. They did the entire album "A Night at the OPera" and then for the second set, sis all of the greatest hits. We screamed/sang our hearts out with the rest of the crowd. Drank a lot, ate ice cream, walked around, and acted silly. It was GREAT.
-Monday- more Mystic. Went to a sea chanty sing-along. Sat at the waterfront and relaxed. Did turn of the century things. Had a blast!

realized we need to get out more often, and get away sans child every now and then. What a weekend!
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