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volunteering, sort of

I was asked last week if I would accept a nomination to join the shul board. I thought about it, and politely declined. I did this for several reasons, including increased responsibilities at work, not wanting to deal with the politics and nuances of an administrative board, and the potential for me to get wrapped up in politics. The person who asked me gave me a long pitch about why it's important to have younger people on the board, especially ones with small children, and who have a vested interest in the shul. I totally get that. And I got exactly where he was coming from, in terms of trying to overhaul the board, so that it functions in a way where things get done, in cooperation, and that everyone works together to reach certain goals. I absolutely agree.
I had to decline. Frankly, even though I "could skip meetings if you're unable to attend," I simply did not want to do it at this time. I believe the person who asked me is not used to people saying no to him. He tried to point out why I should go, how it's in the best interest of the shul for motivated and committed people to be on the board, and then...he tried to guilt me into it. He was "disappointed" that I couldn't sacrifice 90 minutes a month for the greater good. Sorry, Bud. I have 2 parents who are the only people who can use parental guilt, and you are not one of them.
It's an honor just to be nominated.....
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