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the wheels are turning in his little brain.....

Ben's morahs (teachers) have often commented that he thinks a lot. He has to know what's going on, why, and what happens next. He's extremely curious and thoughtful, and will ask questions that sometimes catch them or us off guard. Nothing inappropriate, but you just have to wonder what's going on in his head. Some recent examples:

-Yesterday, I put him in his monster stroller (we got a massive jogging stroller, so I can walk/jog with him, especially the days I can't get to the gym), and we went to the reservoir for a walk. We looked at the plants, flowers, and wildlife. He pointed out the different flowers he could identify, and we talked about nature, and how Hashem created such beautiful things in the world.
As we got about halfway around, we switched to the paved path, as there were big holes on the gravel path. We walked past a chalked hopscotch board, clearly drawn by a kid. Ben got a little upset. "Hey! This is a Jewish place, and they ruined it!" I asked him to explain more about what that meant, and that the reservoir is for everyone, not just Jews. "I know!" he says, "but Hashem made this place and they hurt it." Turns out that he thought the chalk hopscotch board was vandalism, and that the reservoir was ruined. "Why would someone hurt a place that Hashem made, Mommy?"
I explained that sidewalk chalk was made for this purpose, and that it wasn't vandalism. Nothing would be ruined. I described in very simple terms how it was different than graffitti, and also explained what littering was, and how we have to take care of the earth. "So Hashem isn't angry?" No sweetie, He isn't.

-"Mommy, we put seeds in the ground so plants, vegetables, and fruit grows. I know that Haskem doesnt plant people in the ground, so how are they made?" By Mommies and Daddies, with a lot of help from Hashem. At some point I'll get into the medical technology that helps babies to be born :) But for now, this was good enough.

-walking home yesterday, we saw a little person. An adult male. There happen to be quite a few little people in our neighborhood. Ben says "who's that guy?!" in earshot of him. I said that I didn't know his name, and that he was going to the park to play basketball (he had a b-ball with him). "But Mommy, is he an adult or a kid? He looks like an adult, but he also looks like a kid." I explained that people are made in all different sizes, skin colors, and heights. "Oh, okay!" and he moved on to talking about Star Wars.

I love how his mind works.
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